Monday, November 22, 2010

MNR - that perfect sound

There is a sweet spot on a tennis racquet. You hit the tennis ball just right and you can hear that perfect tone. Well tonight while descending the south hill at Tranquility, I realized that there is a distinct tone that the rubber makes while rotating on the trail. It's like a whirring sound that doesn't stop. It's been awhile since I've noticed that sound. The trail was just tacky enough to give you the right amount of bite, not only in the corners but also on the straightaways. I talked to both Eric and Brian during and after the ride, and they said they noticed the same awesome bite in the corners. You could lean the bike in those corners, feel the side knobbys gripping the edge of the trail, and just keep pedaling harder! Pure bliss on a Monday Night Ride!
Red Hot Chili Peppers sang it best, Under the Bridge

Brian riding over the bridge under Fort Street 

Dale chaperoned us through the new section of trail, which basically runs under Fort Street and heads north towards Standing Bear Lake. Once that section gets completed and ridden in, I have the feeling that it will be fast! No climbing, just flat all out speed! As of right now, it is pretty bumpy, grassy, and there is a lot of resistance riding it. Great workout for not moving too fast!

Dale explaining how the new section runs

Got in about 8.5 miles tonight, it was 27 degrees, and I couldn't feel my toes (wearing the wool socks next time). Great ride with Dale, Brian H, Ryan, Eric, Todd (not W), and myself. Safe travels everyone and enjoy that family time together. I know I will!

How cold was it? That's ice inside the bottle. Cold water never tasted so good!

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