Monday, November 1, 2010

Since Todd was asking - Snowshoes

It's my goal to stay in somewhat decent shape this winter. Snowboarding, some biking on the rollers, and my usual 4-5 days of weight training at Gold's. Added to the list this year? Snowshoeing. Yeah, you tell people you got new snowshoes and they are like, so, big deal. You got new shoes for the snow. Like snowboots? NO, SNOWSHOES! Like the backwards looking wooden tennis racquet from 100 years ago. Oh, those snowshoes! Well they are much more advanced now. Flex this, different types of bindings (rotating and fixed) that, and even different types of crampons. Now a lot of these features you look for are determined by the purpose of the snowshoe. Many are categorized into recreational, aerobic, and mountaineering. I'm no expert and am fairly new to all of this so do your research first. For now, I bought an entry level pair just to see if I even like them. The gang at the MNR a few weeks ago thanked me for buying them because it means that it won't snow now. Which would actually be okay with me because I would rather stay on the bike all winter long. Either way.

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