Monday, November 1, 2010

MNR - Yes, I was that guy

Nothing like following in other people's footsteps...or in this case, MagicShine light. One lap down at Tranquility, so far so good. It was dark and I think Greg yelled out that we should ride the trail backwards, heck yeah! Well, before even rolling out of the parking lot for lap two, my Stella dies. Dangit, forgot to charge the light! NOOO!!! It has happened to Todd, Paul, and now me. Yes, I was THAT guy. And I was constantly harassed by Aaron and Todd for being the fool tonight. Let me tell you, riding through the trail in your own shadow or even a few short feet in complete darkness is an eye opening experience. Don't try it. Like those guys that fly by you on the tacoride without a light on in near pitch black situations. Dumb.
Can't remember who this was in the foreground, maybe Dave? But see the white lights down in the distance? More riders. 

Anyway, MNR was a great ride. No snow, no rain. I'll settle with tights and long sleeve thermals for a ride on November 1st. Great turnout, I lost count after I saw over 20 people at the regroup before the South climb. Welcome to new rider "Biombo", glad to have met you tonight. Paul, hope you get to feeling better. Ride on!

Prepping for the new tennis courts 

Can I borrow some lights, please? 

Somebody rounding the corner. Okay, the little Canon Elph in fireworks mode just isn't a long enough exposure. If MNR is on for next week, I promise the DSLR, tripod, and remote will come out to play.  

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  1. At six thirty last night I was kicking myself for not joining the ride. I thought I was feeling good enough. But, by 8PM I must have been sound asleep. Nice photos and ride recap Mike.