Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My new money pit

Aka my Jeep Wrangler. Stuff has been ordered. Parts are slowly being swapped out. I started with the basics. A locking gas cap. Slush floor mats. I've since ordered and have in my possession locking hood latches. Also a fuel door to cover up the goofy looking hole that you stick your hand into to unlock the above stated locking gas cap. Shouldn't Jeep have provided us owners with these in the first place? But then again, people in Jeep forums complain because they still expect their Wranglers to have roll down windows. no A/C, etc etc. You get the picture. Jeeps are still barbarian like, simple vehicles without out a whole lot of pizazz.

Fuel door and that big box of something!

Like Christmas day in my garage. Santa Claus brought me a Magnaflow!

Umm boring!

Which would you rather have on your vehicle?

Not easy to get off! Some people suggesting cutting the pipe off. But with the goal of being able to put it back on for whatever reason, I had to be gingerly in getting it off. For some reason the pipe before it had a smashed appearance after the bend.  

And these hangers were near impossible to get off of the rubber insulators. Grease and lots of force were required to get them off. Yes, them as in two. 

Finally detached.

And then came my first mod. The nice thing about Jeeps is that almost everything that the entry level modder can do is bolt on. No drilling required. Bumpers can be swapped out, knowing that the replacement is pretty much going to fit where the previous was at. Lights can be added with mounts that simply attach to the windshield mounts. The list goes on and on. Jeep catalogs can be had for free, with lifted Jeeps galore filling the pages, These pictures of Jeep excite some similar to a teenager getting their hands on the latest issue of a smut mag. Yeah, its a Jeep thing. Almost like the bike thing. Almost...


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  1. Looks nice. Is the exhaust note different?

    Back in the day, Mopar's Direct Connection was my eye candy and performance mag. Are these mods from Jeep or other companies?