Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hammerhead Navigation

Pretty sweet looking tells you distance and where to turn, distance to top of a climb (just one more hill!). Also acts as a turn signal to motorists or other bicyclists, even a headlight. Looks like it links to your smartphone and uses that as a turn by turn navigation, but without the distracting GPS maps. Uses LiPo battery, probably the same as what is powering RC cars to amazing speeds and battery life. Check it out.

Its still in production and they're looking for donations for research and hopefully one day actual production. Check out their website here.

Now you just need to add your favorite pubs and local breweries to your phone and have this little device guide you there on bike!

Okay, watched the video, I understand that the guy biking is probably in a big city, but at least put a helmet on the guy! Where is the promotion of safe travels by bike?

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