Monday, September 23, 2013

First night ride of the season

Last Wednesday, Paul and I ventured out at 7:27pm for a night ride. The weather was nice and the trail was dry for the most part (rained the day before). Why a night ride? Why not a night ride?

After work, our conversation proceeded in this similar manner.

Mike: Paul, we should drink a beer before riding.
Paul: Mike, come on over. Just tooling around in my garage.

In other words, that meant that we would be drinking a beer before the night ride. Gotta make it even more interesting than what it already is! Right?!

Photo by Paul

We crossed paths with a few runners from GOATz, who warned us about a tree down at the beginning of the trail. Thank you! We completed a full lap. No wipe outs, but we had a couple of close calls. Due to Tuesday's rain, there were still a few slick spots on the trail. Not usually a problem. But when you happen to be riding at night, they sneak up on you. Sneak up on you so much in fact that you don't realize you're over a slick spot until you feel that rear tire start to swing out. Woohoo! It was great fun!

After completing a full lap, we rode backwards on the trail until we got to the pine trees to make our exit through the neighborhood. Paul and I discussed the unfamiliarity of the trail while biking backwards at night. I think I say this every year that we do this. Instead of concentrating on the trail, I was trying to picture the the trail frontwards and decide where exactly we were at during that point in time. Truly unfamiliar time. Sort of like a blind date. You have a lot to figure out and you don't have a lot of time to do it!

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