Friday, September 6, 2013

Labor Day Weekend and a MNR of firsts...

For Elise that is. With it being Labor Day weekend, it gave us time to enjoy the outdoors. We tailgated in Lincoln for the close game against Wyoming, hit the pool party at a friends mom's house on Sunday, and managed to squeeze in a ride at Tranquility on Monday evening.

At EndZone

Barrys, you need to turn on the A/C!!!

Yeah that's right, VIP tailgaters baby!

Bumped into my old coworker Jen at Barry's

Yes, this was Elise's first Monday night ride, and even more important it was her first singletrack ride. She did great! She had a minor mishap with a tree on the north side, it was at the bypass for a log crossing. Probably would have been better off just going over the tree!

Swimming pool shenanigans!

Supposedly having a tea party underwater?

My soon to be neighbor...wearing a dress?

And then I fell going uphill. Yes, Mike F had me repeat what I said. I fell down going uphill on the South hill climb. I was going to slow, turned to snap a picture, next thing I knew I was riding up on the lip and my pedal hit the ground. Then I was sideways, still clipped in and laughing.

I attempted some of this at Prairie View Lake, caught zilch, nada, nil. 

I think Elise enjoyed the ride. She realized how much harder it is riding dirt compared to pavement or the Wabash Trace. I heard giggles and laughs each time she descended a hill, had a near fall, or just plain enjoyed riding the trail. She only really walked the one or two sections, and that was mainly because I recommended it. Ride on!

No pain, no fun?

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