Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What angle to set grips?

A couple months ago I bought those Ergon grips from Bike Masters. They are the ones that are made for gripshift, so short little things. I like them. But I still need to figure out the angle at which they need to be. Before throwing away the packaging, I read to put them nearly horizontal if not at a little bit of an angle. I opted for more of an angle because it seemed comfortable to me while riding (maybe because of the more upright position of the Mukluk?). Well now the problem I've noticed is that I'm getting a pain in the wrists while doing bench press at the gym. The bending back of the wrist while the bar is over me causes some aching, pretty similar to the angle at which I have the Ergon grips. Related or not? Try more horizontal at the sacrifice of having less comfort during the ride?

They are currently set to about this angle here

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  1. My ergons are tilted slightly higher in the back than horizontal. Like changing saddle height, move it 2-5 mm and ride for a while.