Sunday, March 24, 2013

Want to go storm chasing? Spring Weather Productions is your solution!

You've seen the shows. You've seen the cool pictures and videos. You've heard the cool stories. BUT you don't know a damn thing about weather and you don't want to ruin that shiny new ride of yours on the country roads chasing storms. Well here's your chance...

My good friend Scott Nicholson has started his storm chasing company, called Spring Weather Productions. He went to Creighton at the same time I did, works with his wife and friends in the field of weather, and he himself has gone on many storm chasing adventures year after year. He currently lives in Omaha, so the tours are based around the midwest region. I've seen the videos/pictures and I'm very impressed by what he has to show for it. So yes, Scott has the experience and knows what it takes to find the best of the midwest storms. And he'll take you to them!

Him and others (65 years of weather chasing experience!) supply the vehicle, the driving, the gas, the technology, and even the lodging! There are week long tours, along with weekend long tours for those that can't get away from family and work for too long.

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I went to a presentation of his last Thursday and was very impressed by how he is sharing his passion for weather. He took it upon himself to go one step further in life by creating and building a unique business that allows others to experience something outside of their norm, even if they know nothing about weather! Also, he is currently doing presentations in the area teaching children about science and weather safety. And while on the chases, he plans to assist the National Weather Service with real time information regarding active storms.

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So how do you sign up? Go to his website or get a hold of me and I can forward you his phone number. And he actually has a special deal going on this month to help people get into the excitement and the thrill this chase season.

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