Saturday, March 23, 2013

Those Crazy Wal-Mart Bikes

Chris had posted a Wal-Mart fat bike cruiser on his facebook account. Comes in different colors, coaster brake, steel is real, and has a "Kickstand: extra strong kickstand holds the Beast". Hey. they took the words out of my mouth. The bike probably weighs a ton. So looks like Mongoose has joined the bandwagon.

And then check out this bike. Its a blacked out 29er cruiser. I was reading the reviews because it actually looks decent. But the review...the review cracks me up. And I'm not making fun of the cheap bikes, or the guy in the review. But come on, the Wal-Mart employee "slapped the bike together in 30 minutes". Yikes!

"Since there were no reviews, I had to see this thing in person before I bought it. I drove out to a store that said it was in stock, but none were on display. The dude who puts the bikes together said they sell as fast as he can assemble them, and he had one left in the back. He slapped it together in about 30 minutes, and when he brought it out I went a little weak in the knees. It's a big beautiful beast. I drove home with it, grabbed the dog, and took off around the block. It's an absolute dream ride. The tires are huge, and they just glide"


  1. Can you put this on the MTBR fat bike forum? Would love to see it in action and so would the other people reading.

  2. It says shipping weight is 45 pounds or so on each of those bikes. Fat and overweight! What do your quality fatbikes weigh?

  3. My Mukluk2 was 32 lbs stock, but now there is a 28 lb model (Salsa Beargrease) with a carbon version soon to follow sitting at a claimed 25lbs. That has deliciousness written all over it!