Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Panama Enduro

As you guys know, I don't do too many races during the year. Just a few here and there. Psycowpath, adventure races, and flip cup races (its a drinking game!). Well after having done a few gravel rides to get me off the couch this past winter, I decided heck, why not do a gravel race with the fellas down in Panama. I'm not looking to break any records, just a reason to get out and ride with the gang.

Despite being turned around at the start of the race, Nick still managed to finish first in the 15 mile category. Good work Nick!



and #3!!!

Well, it was funny how the race went down. Dave N had rocket fuel of some sort for breakfast, Paul needs to find a GPS unit for his bike because like the Energizer bunny he kept going and going and going. And myself? I was just happy that I didn't cramp up. I was getting slower by the end, but my legs felt good and I could have probably gone for at least another 5 or 10. I think the lower body weight lifting has been helping. That, and maybe the no drinking at all this weekend so I wasn't dehydrated like most of the Saturday/Sunday training rides.

My old road I grew up on. Except it was 148th street north of O street. This was S 148th.

The only spectators of this race were cattle

Well it turns out that I did most of the ride by myself. I didn't push myself like I should have, but that was mostly in fear of cramping up towards the end. Yes, I know. Only did the 15 miler. But still, last thing I need was to be pushing my bike on gravel. Most of the ride, I was maybe only 50-100 yards behind the same riders. Towards the last 3 miles they shifted into hyperdrive and took off. I almost didn't see my turn, but I figured that Panama Street would be the one I needed to turn on. As for Paul, he was looking for the yellow caution tape at the intersection. Which there was none. He ended up riding all the way out to Roca, NE before turning around. He finally made it back to the finish line about 45 minutes after we did. Whoops. Oh well, it was a beautiful day to ride. And that is exactly what Jim Craig said. If you miss your turn. Well enjoy the day and just have a good ride. Paul was all smiles after he crossed the finish line, so I'm sure he enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed the laugh.

The last stretch. Turn here!

1:21 was my time

Paul makes his own course!

Good work to everyone I know who raced. Nick took first in the 15 mile category. Thanks to all who rode gravel with us this winter season. They have been fun. I hear there is another snow storm coming this weekend. After that, dry up so that we can ride some singletrack!

Maybe the only real winner of that race. 

Still managed to get in my green beer. Which they ran out of after my first pint.

Tearing down of the outlet mall. 

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  1. I saw that first pic with the red house and fat bike and thought that looked like a beach setting.

    Glad you came out to ride and got to see your old house again.