Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some riding, some trailwork...it's all good!

The best kind of trailday you ask? The answer is where the group gets things done and still has time to ride. Those were the two goals of last night's MNR/trailday. Last weekend's wacky weather caused the Saturday trailday at Tranquility to get pushed to Sunday, but with the rains and then high winds, Sunday's trailday was postponed until Monday. Some of the work did get done anyway on Sunday, but more was finished on Monday. Greg and Paul mowed, Greg also cut some branches, and a drainage ditch was improved underneath Fort Street. Jack, Dale, Chris, Frank, and myself were out there for that. Branches were cleaned up and a few signs were posted for this weekend's race. Dave P and someone else that I didn't know were also out to trim branches. Roxy and Ryan made it out later to show us the THOR jerserys that will soon be ordered. The materials and shirts will be nice! As always, thanks for the chips, drinks, good company, and the ride. Thanks to all those who help to keep Tranquility in shape.

The final outcome. New longer pipes were installed and more dirt now covers the drains.

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