Thursday, April 26, 2012


Manawa Monday Night Ride was fun, fresh, and full of good food. Or more like my stomach was full of good eats. Even Steve called me out on it, couldn't believe how much I was eating. Haha, whoops! After an unexpected afternoon of having to work at our Lincoln office, I was pretty upset about getting back to Omaha late. I still had to load up bikes, change, and pick up Jena before making it down to Manawa. ETA, 7:15. 45 minutes late! Grrrr....

Moon was out!

I was still fuming a little bit on the trail, knowing that the sun was setting and that our time was short. But as we caught up to the group (or more like they caught up to us), someone said well it should all be better now that you're on your bike, right? I was like yeah, kind of. But truthfully, it did help. Biking out there either alone or with others is a huge stress reliever. Your worries tend to melt away, knowing that twisty, tight singletrack lay just ahead.

Crossing over to the new section

Very good turnout of riders on Monday at Manawa

Thanks to Dave P for forfeiting his ride to be master chef for the night. What would we do without you man? Also thanks to Steve, Dale, Teen Serve, and all others who have helped to rebuild Lake Manawa trail into what it is. Still a lot more work to be done, but time and more hard work will help to heal the trail. Get out there and ride!
The cotton was plentiful! As were the hair wigs in trees.

We were star gazing and checking out star maps on our phones. Technology meet MNR!

*sorry this is late, was ready to post then my internet went kaput last night!

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