Monday, April 9, 2012

channel 3 tonight

Story about a biker who got attacked by something. They said he got attacked by something that you wouldn't even consider. He lifts his shirt and has a big bruise on his back. I'll try to catch the story tonight.


  1. It was a golf ball...


  2. I saw that. Crazy...sounds like maybe they were aiming at him? Or not. FYi for those who didn't catch the story, a guy was biking around Lake Manawa and two golfers were teeing up in a field. Hit the guy in the back with the golf ball. Whether it was intentional or not, who knows. Watch out! I remember riding Keystone with Todd and some people were trying to shoot us with a BB gun or something from across the creek. We heard it miss us with a swoosh of air, we stop and sat WTH? Look over and two people were creeping through trees across the creek. Keep your eyes open fellow bikers!