Sunday, April 1, 2012

The coming together of Mukluks

Gorgeous temps, dry trails, good times! I was sick towards the end of last week, so both of these rides were dry if you know what I mean. And I wanted to take it easy. While most of the trail riders were out doing their part in the Psycowpath race series, I kept it more tame on the two wheels. Actually, Thursday I was sick in bed most of the day and Friday I was at work but only feeling about 70%. But sometimes you just have to get up on that saddle, as Todd always said to me. Just keep pushing on. It was my intent to rest on my couch all weekend, but with the nice temps I couldn't resist!

Jena and I rode down to Mineola on Saturday. I knew that she was dying to get some miles on her new cruiser. Pretty sweet looking bike. Not sure about the springy seat though, it makes it feel like you're moving sideways on the bike even though you're not. She said she noticed it at first, but after awhile she was immune to it. It would be like sleeping on a waterbed on a cruise ship. It moves, but it's not natural.

The ride down to Mineola was nice. Some wind in the open areas, but that was about it.

We rolled into Mineola and of course it was dead. Since I wasn't drinking alcohol due to my being on antibiotics, we pretty much turned around. I did stop to check out the derailed train cars. I wonder what is the story behind those, looks like they have some pretty hefty trees growing through them. If only Mineola had an ice cream stand or soda place. I didn't want to go into Tobey Jacks, but man I was thirsty and hot. Doesn't Malvern have something like that?

Besides the tons of compliments about Whoa those are big tires, I also saw a blue Mukluk coming the other direction. We both smiled as we passed. Said hey, no other words needed. We were both riding the fat. And it wasn't wintertime!
This is the old bridge. Lots of character, very cool looking actually

And now...

Today, Cody, Paul and I rode out at Tranquility. I'm glad we took it easy out there. My body was kind of fatigued from riding yesterday. Paul had ridden a big CB loop this morning, so he was feeling it too. Got a little sun on the arms. Glad we made it out there boys!

Cody clearing the hill of monstrosity


This kiosk was cool. You could lift up the front panel and get to the pamphlets behind it. THOR take note, maybe do half for our posted notices, the other half with a lift up plexiglas to grab pamphlets such as known traildays, maps, membership info, etc?

The Mukluk tires are about the same size as this motorcycle's

This guy passed us on the trail. Can we borrow that for the winter riding at Tranquility? Smoothed the trail out just like that!


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