Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playing in the mud

Just one heavy day of rain on Monday was enough to create areas of standing water and muddy areas in the new section of Tranquility. It must be fixed said Dale (okay I made that up) and that we did! Dale, Chris, Dave N, Paul, Eric, and myself were out there tonight after work moving mud from the low areas and installing some drainage pipes that will hopefully take care of the water problem.
Drain system #1. No more da-dip! 

All work and no play is no fun at all! Paul in his sluggish clothes riding over the new drain system. 

Remember those hidden dips on the north north side? Well now they are much easier to ride over. Actually they are much faster to ride over. Paul and I took our bikes out afterwards and spun a quick loop on the north side. Temps were dropping fast an the wind was really picking up. Yes they are still kind of mushy to walk over, but once the mud dries up it will be hard as concrete. When your two wheels go over the pipes, you can't even tell any difference. Great work guys!

Here is the T.H.O.R. blog write-up done by Dale

 Drain system #2. This is the before picture. See that standing water? Not good!


Dig dig 

Goal was to dig the trench deep enough then throw the pipes in there and cover them with dirt

 Getting there. Now covered with dirt

It works! Great success! Water was already running through them 

Inaugural ride over the new storm drains from DJ Chi Wai on Vimeo.

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