Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An interesting ride around Standing Bear Lake last night

Feeling that my couch and I have been getting too comfortable together, I decided to hop on my bike after I took a nap last night. Yeah, pure laziness, I know! Anyway, it was an eventful ride. Riff raff were walking on the Standing Bear Trail, smoking weed and such. I tried to avoid eye contact on the way back, but they just nodded like it was no big deal. Riding through Hillsborough on the way home, I saw a 5 year old faceplant on the sidewalk after she fell off of her bike. Her family was there and didn't even ask if she was okay. Ten seconds later she starts bawling from the from the top of her lungs.

Finally, while riding parallel to 132nd street on the dam at Standing Bear, I hear sirens and see unmarked cars flying by. Probably going over 80mph. Also saw a Sheriff cruising through Standing Bear and another in the Hillsborough neighborhood. Get to work today and find out there was a shooting/robbery attempt at my local Bakers at 132nd street. Wow, eventful ride! Link to robbery story here.


  1. Sounds like you just got to see the bad stuff on that ride. At least the robbers didn't get away. Hope the next ride is not so dark. Last night, I took a short ride down to TP and put some caution tape on a tree we needs to cut. It's on the north side of the creek about chest high. There is a alternate path but we'll need to clear it or make another ttf out of it.

  2. Actually, I kind of liked the excitement and the changes. I was expecting a boring ride around SB, and look what I got!