Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jenny's Xmas party!

So I'm cheap. I started making my own costumes. Made one for Halloween. Made one for a Christmas party last night at Jenny's new house. I had originally planned to buy my costume from Nobbies or the party store. But for $30, all you got was the elf tunic and a hat. No shoes, no tights, no satisfaction in that! So looking at a $50 costume at the least.

Well my supervisor said, buy the fabric and make your own. That got the hamsters in my head spinning. Yeah why not? Stopped at JoAnn fabrics and found the fabric. $5 a yard. Cheap! I took a number and waited to be helped. How much fabric do you need? I have no clue. Its for an elf costume. I chuckle. The older lady laughs, well this will be a first as she holds the fabric up against my back and measures out 7/8 of a yard. Cool. Got some half priced red holiday fabric and I was good to go.

I don't have a sewing machine, and have only really sewed once in my life (home ec in 7th grade doesn't count). I had to fix part of my grill cover and wow, the sewing job I did on that was horrendous! Time to learn the trade! I traced my scrub top from work to get a sizing, and my supervisor suggested that I take it in a little bit to make it look better. Okay. So I cut it in a little bit.

Well I had cut too much. It would be a tight fit. Oh well, I'll make it work. I cut, I sewed, and tada, I was done! I told my supervisor about the fit. She said just take it out a little bit. room to take it out. Why not? Because I had cut it to size. Ha, guess I'm suppose to cut it and leave about an inch a half of extra fabric. No clue. You live and you learn. Anyway, found some striped tights. Found some funky glasses and suspenders. Costume done!

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