Thursday, December 11, 2014

MNbrrrr(R) and Elise's Birthday celebration WEEK

Monday night start off decent. Got out of work, temps in the 40s. Okay, I'll take it. Late to MNR, can't find anyone but start talking to a guy named Peter that I met while riding the Fort Street Loop. He's on his Motobecane Fatbike. Cool! Lives north of Tranquility.

The famous xmas houses next to the trail. One had to show the other up. Music. Dancing lights. Crazy!

The fatman is trying to lose some weight

Eventually come across the gang, the fatbike gang. I think there were probably 5 fatties that I counted. That is alot of fat. But then it got cold. The wind picked up and my sweat was starting to get cold. Time to call it a night and go run some errands.

More specifically, order flowers for Elise's birthday. Happy Birthday babe!

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