Tuesday, January 6, 2015

All alone...

Not a single rider or car at Tranquility on a Monday night at 7:30 pm. How sad. But then again, it was 17 degrees with a slight bone chilling wind coming from the north. Can you blame the riders for staying indoors tonight?

Nobody on the trail tonight, kinda nice actually. But it was bone chilling cold. My finger had gotten really cold while my glove was off to take a number of pictures. 

We got a dusting of snow last night and today during the day. Just enough to make it slick while riding one handed and taking photographs with the other. Its become second nature to me. Heck, when else am I going to get my photography fix in?

The temps have gotten much much colder since Christmas day (which was in the 40s if I remember right). Its now 20 degree highs, if that, with -20 windchills. And this is during the day with the sun out and shining. One of those breathe in real hard through your nose and it freezes the inside of your nostrils! Good stuff right there. Hope everyone had a good NYE. I stopped by Linda's for a party, then went to Perry's Place after picking up Cody and heard Elise sing with her band. Good times. Nothing too crazy, amateur night out there on the road with cops galore.

New Year's Day ride with some friends. That sun felt so warm and great!

Paul was umm...testing out the trail for us as we watched from below!

We rode bikes on New Year's Day at Tranquility, good 12 miler on singletrack to start 2015 the right way. Then proceeded to drink and took an all too long of a nap for the rest of the day. Happy New Year to everyone and I hope that 2015 brings lots of joy and happiness!

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