Sunday, July 13, 2014

So this is getting bad

I bought another bike today. I had no intentions until I had to give up the AMF Roadmaster to my sister/mom in MI. I loved how it rode, smooth and fast. Had a 2 x something setup. Looked so retro that I thought I looked hip riding it around town. Well my sister loves that bike, rode it on the Kal-Haven trail just north of my parents' house. Cool trail, like the Wabash Trace but starts in Kalamazoo and goes west to Lake Michigan, about 30 miles.

Elise and I walked it while my sister rode about 10 miles worth. And when I say walk, I mean power walked it. I had shin splints from walking! Ridiculous!

Kal-Haven trail in Michigan

So back to my bike. The other night I was checking on my Jeep listings on Craigslist. Looking to see if anything catches my eye. Lets check out bike stuff. Mostly crap Walmart bikes on there, some occasional used mt bikes, whoa, check out that Schwinn. Red and black. Not a bad price. I'm interested. I emailed the owner at 1:30 am, got a message back at 6am. Still for sale, not much detail. Email again, will it fit me? Yes it should. Rebuilt, picked up from Clay Center, Kansas. Had sx and can no longer ride it. No clue about the year of the bike or model. Okay.

I can show it on Sunday, what! Four days away! I can't wait that long...but I will. What about the Owl Ride, I want to ride it on that. But turns out the 311/Wailers concert I went to lasted till midnight anyway. Running on 4 hrs of sleep, I called the guy, then found myself driving to Lincoln with cash in my wallet.

Photobomb! Drinking and riding in the driveway. No cupholders!

I get there. Bike is dusty, seat all the way down. Tires had about 18 psi in them. Oh we can pump it up for you. Well little did the guy know that I already had it in my mind that I would buy it. Nah, no need to pump it up. I'll just ride up your street once and call it good. Bought!

Brought it home. Cleaned it up. Rode it around the block a few times then made my way to Waterford Lake. Wow, single speed sucks. Good job to you guys for riding SS on the trails. Not sure how you guys do it. More pics to follow!

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