Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Finally a nice MNR with no rain!

Two weeks ago, MNR got rained out. This past Monday...perfect weather! The trail was dusty, people were out, and the times were good. PacMan was back on his bike, he's been MIA for about half a year! The usual turkeys and bunnies were in my way. But all was good!

Hopped on my Schwinn after the MNR and spun a lap around the block. Might have the possibility for some cool pics! Not gonna lie, the handlebar position takes some getting use to. Even riding one handed made me feel a little nervous when I took the pics.


  1. I met up with some of your T.H.O.R. compadres at Tranquility yesterday. Gotta love this cool weather in July!

  2. Yes this weather is amazing for being outside! Got in three rides this week, its been awhile since I've done that! Hot weather coming this next week though..

  3. I mean four rides! Can't even count that high!