Thursday, June 12, 2014

Walnut Creek!

New trail! It's fresh...Looking through these pictures, you'll realize that its not the normal MNR at Tranquility. Instead, we hit up Walnut Creek out in Papillion. Located at 96th and highway 370, the trail is kind of a hike from my house. But that's okay.

The trail is fun. Not very flowing, but more technical, turning, watch where your wheel is going type of a trail. It is tight and lots of trees. Some log crossings. The only thing is that there is some two way traffic. I showed up a little late after having to go home to get my bike. I got out there and couldn't find the group. But I did find the trail. I started riding it, luckily I followed the marked signage. But towards the end, I wasn't sure where to go. Next thing I know, I'm facing the back of the signs! I was like huh?

Well after discussing it with the group, I realized that there are some two way traffic areas. Not a big deal. Just watch out as you're riding.

There is a grand opening planned for next week. Wednesday, June 18
at 5:30pm. Check the THOR Facebook page for more details.

Another gorgeous sunset! I was planning to fish after riding, but couldn't pass up scenery like this!

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