Friday, June 20, 2014

My new ride

My new bike...or old bike...whatever you want to call it is a used bike that I saved from the garbage. It was sitting out next to the trashcan, Elise had already discussed it with the neighbor and it was mine for the taking! It's an AMF Roadmaster Courier 10 speed. Really hard to find info on it, most online are only 3 speed.

So I always thought the GF Sawyer had a really cool shape and lines to it. It's almost a copy of my AMF!

I pumped up the flat tires and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the bike other than some chips on the frame. I rode it to Waterford Lake tonight and had a big smile on my face. Not the same smile from riding my fatbike, but the almost embarrassing smile that I had mt bike shorts on, full gloves and helmet on and here I am riding this 1960's cruiser bike down the street. Felt like I needed to be wearing a big hat or even go for the hipster look.

Shimano Eagle. Not sure what the hook looking thing is for. There is still a kickstand on this bike, which I kicked down twice tonight on my ride and it nearly bucked me off as it dug into the road.

So my parents want the bike, I mentioned to my sister that I might give it to her, but secretly I want it. The frame shape is so cool. I could keep it stock or start with a new paint job and swap parts out to make it look more up to date and lighter. Not sure yet.
What does this do you ask? Oh, your carbon bike doesn't have one?

It powers the headlight and the taillight of course!

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  1. Have you learned any more information aboutbyour courier 10 since 2014? I recently ran across the exact same bike not many of them out there