Thursday, July 11, 2013

The last few concerts

Pat Benatar Concert

A couple of weeks ago Pat Benatar played at Memorial Park. The park was packed, Lover boy opened for Pat, and the show was followed with a fireworks show. Then the weirdest thing, Dodge Street was closed off for 20 minutes for people to cross the street. This still blows my mind. I had never walked across Dodge Street without being at an intersection. We finished off the night at Arena where Elise had to fill in for a sick singer, and then finally across the street at Alberados to get some 24 hr Mexican. Elise is no longer a Alberados virgin! We popped her cherry!

I'm not sure where this guy got his energy. But man he was dancing up a storm. Probably pushing 70 yrs old. Red Bull still gives you wings I guess


Pat Benatar on stage

Fireworks show after

Walking down the middle of Dodge Street. Felt like I was in a post apocalyptic movie or something.

Wo sind meine Moped? That's about all the German I remember.

Elise filling in for a singer

Jeremy and Dana met up after the Billy Idol concert

Avett Brothers

Who are they you ask? Yeah I still can't answer that question for you. But they sounded pretty good. Last Thursday, we biked down to the Avett Brothers concert at Stir. I had heard of them through my sister and Jeremy, but couldn't name a single song. Turns out that same night TD park was having their homerun derby / fireworks display. We had to park a little closer to Stir is all. Still had a good time and the new paved trail down there is awesome! Not exactly sure why they had to tear up the old one though. We brought hummus and fruit, Paul and his olives, Lol. Emilie brought cheeses and salamis. We just need a picnic basket and blanket next time and we'll be set! Good times! Temps were perfect and the mosquitoes aren't biting in this area quite yet. They are super super bad in Michigan, you can literally see six swarm around you looking for that juicy bite!

Awesome sunset!

This was another impromptu ride. Sorry if I forgot to ask if you wanted to go. I'm pretty bad at giving people enough time to prepare. But we managed to have a good turnout that night. Dale, Dave and his wife Carolyn, Paul, Cody, Emilie, my friends Scott and his wife Jenn, myself and Elise all made it down to Stir that Wednesday night before the 4th.

Avett Brothers playing. Looked like a full house.

What's that? Concert in one direction...turn your chair and you have fireworks in the other. Really really liking these bike rides to Stir Concert Cove!

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