Sunday, July 28, 2013

Donate Life NE trail run and Heroes' Walk at Tranquility yesterday

Saturday morning was a nice day to go for a ride. I had a few goals during my ride. One was to see Red Delicious play at Tranquility during the Donate Life NE trail run and Heroes' Walk. Second was to get some miles in. Third was to help out with THOR at the run/walk. Well two of those things happened.

So somehow, THOR dropped the ball on this one. I had read early last week on a FB post that volunteers were needed on bike to help with this bike/run. Okay. Well I arrived towards the tail end of the run/walk and Mary was the only one there to represent THOR. And she was out on bike. She was with two other folk, but they weren't part of THOR. And I was half expecting THOR to have a booth set up, after all, it was a run/walk on a THOR maintained course. No representation. I'm not here to complain because I myself didn't volunteer, but there were over 400 people there and I just figured it would have been a great way to get the THOR awareness out there. Oh well. Learn from our mistakes. Maybe next year?

Red Delicious kept the crowd entertained while EMS was there with a fire truck, there was a bounce house, Children's hopsital and UNMC helped to sponsor, along with various other organizations and businesses. Food and goodies were given away throughout the event. There was a 1.2 mile heroes walk, or a 3+ mile run for those a little more adventurous.

Anyway, got my 15 mile ride in from home. It was a great start to a great weekend!

The blue skies and beautiful weather almost made me want to do a gravel ride. I said almost...

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