Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Massive Update!

I know, it's been awhile. Life has been busy. Been hanging out alot with Elise and have heard her sing a couple of times. If you guys hear that Red Delicious will be playing, definitely give them a listen. Great cover band!

We managed to get some riding in over the past few weeks. This was a downtown ride that I had planned at the last second. Brian, Paul, Emilie, Cody and myself attempted to check out the CWS festivities on a Sunday afternoon. Well little did we know that there was no game that day, so none of the vendors or displays were out. What the heck? So instead we biked to Jackson Street Tavern, had a brewski, then biked to Mineola. Going on the TacoRide without the tacos and without the Thursday evening idiots isn't too shabby. And yes, we'll head back with a slow and easy pace (is what I said)! Is 18 mph too fast for you? I swear it was the Mineola Browns, adds rocket fuel to your system!

My new pannier. I'll do a writeup about it soon. Works great!

So exactly how did I manage to have my eyes closed while I took the picture? 

Two fat, two skinny.

Paul got caught on something during the ride.

Remember, it pairs well with Busch Light! Huh? A little more class please!

Those Mineola Browns pair well with Slick's Tenderloin is what it should have said!

THORsday bbq. Okay so we didn't have the greatest turnout. But we still had fun. Food, Steve sitting over in his pickup by himself, and lots and lots of potato salad. All this after I mowed my lawn of course. I had spent two evenings weed wacking Tranquility in prep for the race, managed to neglect my own yard! Yeah, some of you will remember me bitching about this. Haha. Its all good. The grass will always be there, taunting me with their long blades.

Guess who!!!??? Signature trademark!

CWS games! Well I didn't make it to any games this year. Sucks. But I did make it out to enjoy the festivities! And sometimes that's what matters. I worked late on a Friday night, left me house at 10pm, spent a ton of time waiting to get to a parking spot, then spent 1 hr and 20 min in line trying to get into Old Mattress Factory!!! Ridiculous. It was Jenny's birthday, so I offered to be designated driver considering it was now midnight and I was just getting into the bar. They had been drinking since late afternoon. Yeah, why not. Get everyone home safe.

Yeah, see that line? It went all the way to the stadium. One in, one out. Nuts! 1hr and 20 minutes I waited!

Birthday girl in the house!

Hurricane or fruit cocktail?

I traveled three times in the past two months. Holy smokes! Jeep is a little more than one month old and I already hit the 3k mile mark. And that doesn't include driving the Honda to work and the gym!

This past weekend I went to MI to visit family. Thinking that relatives from Chicago would be there all four days, I passed on bringing my Mukluk. Well I should have. They didn't show up till Saturday, so Friday I just hung out on the couch all day long. Oh well. Was nice to be around family, eat like a piggy, and just hang out in the pool.

In between all that we've hit taco rides minus the Thursdays, Monday night rides, CWS, the Pat Benatar concert at Memorial park, Tranquility race, block parties and car shows. Busy busy summer!!! I'll post up more this week. This boy needs to sleep!


  1. Dang, I knew that 'tied to the whipping post' photo would surface eventually. Good stuff Mike. Great summer so far!

  2. Luckily only people who venture to my blog will see it. Putting it on FB would almost be blackmail!