Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My five days of biking

Somehow with the weather being nice and having a new old bike to ride, I managed to squeeze in a straight five days of riding. Not sure that I've ever had the chance to do that before. They weren't epic rides or anything technical or difficult. I was just proud of myself for getting on the bike five nights in a row after work.

Day 1 started off with a MNR with the gang. Gorgeous weather made for a good ride and good times.

Day two consisted of a spin around the block. And by that I mean riding to Standing Bear Lake and back. I must be doing okay on the single speed Schwinn because a rider behind me commented that he couldn't keep up with me and was wondering how I was able to do so well on the bike. I said lots of trail riding my friend!

Day 3 was a ride down to The Arctic Monkeys at Stir concert cove with Elise and Cody. Can you say awesome show with free tickets in? Woohoo! 

You guys need some tickets into the show? Yes please!

Arctic Monkeys in concert

Why'd you only call me when you're high?

Avoid this, ride your bike!

And get amazing views of the Omaha skyline

Day four was a quick spin around Tranquility. Got to mix it up on the trails and off! It was so dusty, even the weeds were brown.

Day five and my final day of riding was bike fishing. Two things that I find relaxing and love to do. 
Unfortunately I didn't catch anything. But I really didn't care! I biked and I was by the lake fishing.

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