Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The latest that I've done to the money pit

On the Jeep forums, the word Jeep stands for "Just Empty Every Pocket". Well the Jeep bug hit me again. I got the hard top off after installing my hoist. Man the Jeep is fun with no top on. But then it got cold. And windy. The heater in the Jeep is awesome, but only gets you so far when it dips into the 50s at night. Or even worse, 41 degrees in the morning on the way to work. Yes, I drove like that one morning, convertible style!

No back. Allows the bikes to "hang out". 

Only bikinis allowed at this party!

So I figured I should invest in a soft top. I had NEVER planned to buy one. Well now there is one on my Jeep. It's pretty cool how it works. I can take off the sides and back, making it into a bikini top. I just take off just the back. Can easily flip the front part back making it into a partial convertible top. Or easily take the entire top off (just leaving the brackets attached to the Jeep). Works great!

Hard, Soft, Topless. So many jokes here.


My SpiderShade Jkini top. Mesh top, suppose to help on those super hot days by blocking the UV and keeping the wind down. Yet it still allows for that open top feeling.

And eventually the doors will have to come off like this one

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