Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We can't be stopped!

Can't be stopped from biking that is. Extreme hot to extreme colds, we do it all. 4 inches of snow out there and my bike and cold weather gear was loaded and ready to go in the Jeep before I even got out of work. Late consults, made even later by the slick roads and getting lost trying to find our building. Ughh...I just wanted to ride in the snow!

There was a lot of pushing going on. Some deeper areas of snow

Couldn't even drink my water after awhile

Met up with big Mike and rode from the north lot of Tranquility over to the main kiosk, then through the Fort Street loop and back. It was cold and windy, but you warmed up. Until you hit that wind heading back to the north side. It was pure torture. 10 mph winds, with 7 degree temps and -10 windchill. Yikes, it was brutally cold on the face and fingers. Moose mitts and gloves weren't enough towards the end of the ride. Probably the coldest I've ever ridden in. I was planning to just stay out for half an hour or so, but ended up being out for an hour and a half.
Snowy berms were actually quite fun

But at the same time, the riding was fun. I took my usual bike in the snow pics and tried to keep up with Big Mike who kept pushing along. He's an animal, with no complaining about the cold. I on the other hand should have eaten something before leaving work. Was out of energy 3/4 of the way into the ride. The snow was fluffy and staying in the trail was getting harder and harder. All part of riding in the snow, at night, in the cold, in the wind...

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