Friday, February 14, 2014

This is my amazing friend, Elizabeth

Life is funny when you think about it. You think that you've been having a bad day, days at work seem longer and longer, and sometimes things just don't go your way. But things could be worse. Below is an article that I saw about my friend Elizabeth Edwards who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She just had her surgery done yesterday and is doing well.

Now the funny thing is that she is a ballroom dancer and instructor who is in charge of the dancing with the Omaha stars program. This program just so happens to help raise money for the sunshine kids foundation which helps kids with cancer. And she has been doing this for years. Even after she found out about her cancer, Elizabeth decided to continue on with the show and helped to raise $45,000 before having her surgery performed. Elizabeth is an amazing person and amazing friend. I'm wishing you a speedy recovery Elizabeth.

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