Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This Wild and Wacky Weather

I've been sick, I've been feeling good and lifting hard. I've been cold, I've been warm. It's been windy, it's been calm. It hits -5 degrees or more, then it hits 50 degrees or more. This has been one strange year of weather that we've had. The only thing that we haven't had much of is...

Now you skinny tire folk, don't fall through the trail. You hear?

Yeah not even going to say that four letter S-word. Thanks guys for buying your Krampi, Pugsleys, and me my Jeep. We prevented the snow this year. Too bad it isn't as simple as washing my car and having a foot of snow on the ground the next day. I love this dry weather but at the same time I want to hit the white fluffy with the snowboard, the fatbike, and the snowshoes.

So one thing that's for sure is that Paul and I were lucky enough to get out for a ride on Sunday at Tranquility. Yes, Tranquility in the end of January. A few others had hit Manawa and Swanson that same weekend and I heard that trail conditions are great! It's been awhile since I've ridden but man it felt great. The trail was dry, a few icy section and almost half frozen slightly frozen sections, but overall it was great. To reiterate great to be riding on dirt in January!!! Then it was off to 5 hours of training at work on a Sunday afternoon...only to be continued Monday and Tuesday morning. Ughh.

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