Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fat Bike Demo - Oh the fun we had

Last Friday, Cycle Works down in Lincoln hosted a Salsa fat bike demo at Wilderness Park. It was raining when I eagerly left work at noon. And I'm thinking great, muddy trail condition, oh well we'll have fun anyway. I was in hopes of riding a new Mukluk, just to see if there's much change from my Mukluk2.

I eventually made my way to Wilderness Park where Paul was waiting for me. Come to my surprise, they still had plenty of snow on the south side of Lincoln. Even better, it starting snowing while we were there! Now Paul let me in on a little secret as I was getting ready to leave work, he was riding a Beargrease! I have yet to step foot into a Salsa dealer and actually see one, let alone ride one in the wild! I was getting excited and already wondering if I would need to one day trade in the Muk2. Riding these demos might be a very bad idea...

Salsa Goodness!

Salsa goodness of a different sort! Johnny Salsa was at Cycle Works giving out free tastes and samples.

Beargrease in every size, Fargos, Spearfish, regular Mukluks, you name it, the Cycle Works truck had it! Oh course, the only bikes out were the Beargrease as they were the most popular. Even folk who you wouldn't think would be interested in a fat bike were riding out there after work. It was a grand time.

I could definitely have some good adventures on this bike!

I kept seeing this awesome scene and needed to get some pics in. This is postcard worthy!

They fit me on the right bike, even asked what pedals I run. Yup, we got the Time Z Controls. Sweet, throw them on a medium Beargrease please! And then Paul and I were off. This was Paul's second time on the trail and Paul was blazing the trail, I'm surprised the snow didn't melt behind him! He was flying on the bike and taking the turns like a champ. I myself was cautious, heck we were riding on snow on a $5000 bike and I had no clue how they would handle. They were all equipped with 45Nrth Dillingers, man these babies were grippy! The trail traction was amazing despite being packed with snow. The bikes were light and fast, and the weather was perfect. Right about 25-30 degrees if I remember right.

So one word to describe a carbon fatbike, specifically the Beargrease? Amazing! I have over 2000 miles logged in on the Mukluk and I would say there are a lot of differences. The Beargrease felt nimble, light enough to easily lift up and get over any obstacle that stands in your way, and the geometry felt great. Definitely more race bike like. My Mukluk 2 is more upright, heavier, and more of a touring "adventure" bike.

It was definitely a great experience and am glad to have been a part of it!

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