Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nice Monday night trailwork/ride

We finally rode our bikes! MNR was a combined trailnight and ride night. From what I counted, we had a lot of people out in full force helping to weed wack, mow, trim Tranquility trail. By the time I got to the kisok, I counted 13, but I'm not sure if maybe some were just riders. But that's great regardless!

Herbst and I weed wacked the creek section north of Fort Street while Dale mowed around us. Devo kids were out as were other trail runners and bikers. Was a beautiful night to be out. Those who brought bikes biked. Emilie bought beverages and Dale picked us up some pizza pies to fill our stomachs. Great times and great teamwork folks!

As for my riding, man I felt rusty. I was sick ALL weekend long, probably didn't even take in 2000 calories over the three days. Stomach flu or something affected five of us at work this past weekend. What that meant on the trail? I started off fine, but lost my steam fast after coming down the Ridgeline. And I was all over the trail, hitting sides, nearly wiping out on the brick section heading back to the kiosk. I was a wreck! Not having biked for nearly three weeks really makes you have to reacquaint yourself to being back on the trails. Sucks, but I'll get there. I'll just blame it on my weekend's malnourishment and having too much air in the rear tire. Ha!

Sorry no pics from me.

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