Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An editorial, after the hit and run death of a DK200 rider

If you guys have being following the reports and pictures from Dirty Kanza up on FB, then you may have heard that there was a hit and run death of a bicyclist during the race.

Well almost a week later, in the Salina, KS paper, this editorial shows up asking bikers to not bike during the harvest season. They weren't asking you to be careful, or be aware of surroundings, but more like stay at home because "you aren't training for the Olympics". Read it and see what you think by the tone if it. included were the writer's name and an email.Let the flaming begin!?

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  1. I tend to agree because I live rurally. Tractors are HUGE and they go along the side of the road at high speeds. No one out here is looking for me on a bike along county or gravel roads and I ride at my own risk. Harvest season is not a good time to be out on a bike with tractors/semi trucks going in and out of fields and on the roads. Even when driving you have to be aware of the tractors on the side of the roads at all times as they take up half a lane plus the side of the road. Please be safe and let the farmers do their job and not have to worry about hitting a cyclist.