Saturday, May 25, 2013

Riding to the Bush concert

This past Thursday, Stir concert cove opened their 2013 lineup with Bush. Local band Screaming for Silence was the opener. What does this mean? Another good summer of riding to the concerts from downtown. And it was a beautiful night for it!

I should have at least gone in to get a photo of Bush. But oh well. Over the fence was good enough for me this time

I met up with Cody behind Greenstreet and we rode from there. We were got to Harrah's right as Paul and Cali were showing up. Nick was enjoying one at Upstream and he eventually met us up. It was a beautiful night. Paul brought olives! Haha. I laugh, but man we ate those up!

Full moon out!

We kicked on the big lights

People offered us tickets left and right. Cali and Nick went into the concert, the rest of us were content just sitting outside not dealing with the crowds, bathroom lines, and the expensive beers. Was a good time and Bush sounded great! Played all of their famous songs, opened with Machinehead and one of the closers was Glycerine.

Cali on her new Giant mt bike!

We monkeyed around in the new park by the pedestrian bridge, tried to get the lights to follow us. But we ended up kicking the white overhead lights on. Sorry to the guy that was up in the cherry picker trying to take photos!

I bet they don't sell olives!

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