Friday, May 10, 2013

Biking in Bahamas

Didn't see a whole lot of biking on this trip. Visited a bike shop that was directly across the street from our timeshare (and next door to a swiss bakery! Yum). Atlanta airports using bikes inside instead of Segways. Occasionally some Bahamians on bikes around downtown, but that's about it.
Airport security

Spoke to the guy at the bike shop about the fat bikes and the Sole. Mostly just beach cruising (that was their ad for their shop, a Surly pulling a trailer on the beach) and told him how we ride singletrack and snow with that fat boys. You could rent for a day or whatever. Also had paddleboards and two jacked up vans (other green one was super tough looking) for transport. Maybe that's what I need! A huge lifted banana yellow van.

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