Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jeremy's birthday!

I've been too lazy to blog...my bad. Weekends have been fun filled with activity, not much biking though. For Jeremy's birthday two weeks ago, we had planned to go to Joe's Karting. Turns out it was a 70 minute wait, and that is AFTER your entire party is there. So instead we went to Family Fun Center XL and did some paintless paintball. Fun fun fun!

Gotta start the party off right!

I had never gone paintballing (is that the correct terminology?). This was pretty fun. Some advice. Forgo the combo card. We got the Luigi combo which gives you two rounds of activity plus $10 of arcade fun. Well, the arcade games sucked. They were old games, guns didn't work, and it was just plain dumb. But the paintless paintball was a blast! They basically use these little rubber balls (about the size of a small marble) and you shoot them out of the paintball gun. There is a room that is divided in half and you have teams. Their counter system didn't seem to work, as evidenced by the wildly lopsided score.


You wear a padded jacket that has sensor pads built in. That and a facemask with built in goggles. I got shot in the hand immediately and it hurts. Also make sure you mask is down far enough, otherwise you'll get hit in the chin and it hurts!

Afterwards, we ate at Cilantros at 144th and L street. Good stuff for not a whole lot of money. And free chips and salsa. BONUS! Afterwards, it was off to Benson to meet with a lot of friends. Ended up at Krug Park, Jakes, and finally Burkes. Good times and happy late birthday to my boy Jeremy!

Jeremy's bday serenade at Cilantros. from Misterlime on Vimeo.

Lots and lots of beers on tap at Krug Park

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  1. Can't beat DJ's picture taking; the guys seriously has my life on his camera. Love ya Bruh; that's my boy! Super good times as always!