Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We're still at it!

Finally, a good MNR to write home about! I haven't been posting much on here. Been too busy for not only the blog, but also for finding the time to take the pictures on the rides. It is now for sure dark by 7pm meaning time to click on those headlamps and handlebar mounted lights. Pictures at night are difficult to produce. You get the mental image in your head of what you want. But the little point and shoots are limited in their ability. Also, its often times not worth the risk of biking one handed while riding, especially at night! With tonight though, the moon was full and helping to illuminate the night sky.

1 fat...2 fat...3 fat out tonight

Who needs Twin Peaks when you have views like this?

It was my goal to get a zig zag pattern of light coming down the trail. Unfortunately, the small camera just couldn't do it for me.

Two days before Halloween

As I remembered tonight and later discussed with Paul and others, riding singletrack with a light makes for a 2D effect. You lose the depth perception a little bit, possibly some contrast, and start missing those sides of the trail! Coming down the north side at Tranquility, I went up the right side, over corrected and then proceeded to go up the left side. Finally after a few intense heartbeats of thinking I might go over, finally aimed myself correctly in the middle of the narrow trail. Whew! And usually the fat tires don't give me problems with that. Just roll right up and then back down. But the speed and the unfamiliar darker conditions almost got the best of me!

Misc pictures from other rides:
Not sure what the heck this is

Also not sure what the heck this is either. You exercise and then you end up in a grave?

Leaves galore!

Still some good riding to be had out there on Monday nights. Temps were still fairly warm tonight as the sun began to drop. What we ended up with was a beautiful night to ride. A full moon was present and it slowly made its way across the night sky. No skunks, no deer, just some chirping birds (or bats?) as we started our climb out of the creek area. Pretty close to a dozen of us made it out for tonight's loop around good ol' Tranquility Park. Good ride tonight and definitely glad that I made it out!

And then the fruits of my labor. Deck is 98% done.

After day 1

Those posts proved to be the biggest pain in the butt

Day three, get the sprayer out for the floorboards

Much much better!

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