Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Farts, Bomb Pops, and Scrap Metal

Those were just some of the many topics that came up during last nights after ride conversation with the gang. And actually, the conversation was kind of all over the place. The ride was good, I felt off last night though. I'm sure that Chris noticed as I was all over the trail last night coming back from the north side. Up and down the grass I went. Couldn't keep a straight line at all.

Well then I remembered how after last Thursday's ride down to Stir, I noticed that I needed some air in my tires. Did I do that? Nope! At one of our quick stopping points, I reached down and gave those big ol' tires a squeeze. Squishy I would best describe them. A little more inflated than what I would run in the winter time, but not by much. I bet they are at 10-15 psi. No wonder why I was bouncing all around the trail, struggling to roll, and my pedal clipped the edges of the dirt a couple times. And here I thought I was just really leaning into the turns like a moto racer!
The rest of the pics are from older MNRs. Realized that I've been slacking on the picture posting, even though I've been taking some on almost every MNR.

Missed the angle that I was looking for.

Anyway, the ride was good. Its getting dark and lights will be a must here in the next few weeks. The leaves are finally beginning to fall out at Tranquility, yellows, oranges, and browns galore. Definitely get out there and take the time to look around.

Kind of the shot I was hoping for, but not really. Small cameras just can't do what the DSLRs do.

Afterwards, a lot of good things were discussed post ride. Things like how Steve and Dale emptied out a neighbors garage (with their permission of course), brought the junk to a scrap yard and Steve donated the almost $200 to THOR! How awesome is that!

Yes folks, never look directly at the sun. Even through your camera (it will ruin the optics in your camera, and your retina). 

Bring your own kid mtb day is this Saturday and I plan to be there to help. Volunteers will be needed to move picnic tables scattered throughout Tranquility (we need to ask for permission first), setup and tear down, mark the trail for the ride (I think Paul has this covered), prepare and cook food, lead the ride, etc. I think it will be too cold to stain my deck this weekend, so I can help the whole time if needed. I'll try to bike there and bring my DSLR to get some pics. I'll post the flyer on my blog later this evening.

The night of the frozen beers

Chris says, I want a frosty beer (actually I have no clue what he is pointing at). 

Oh yeah, that's a frosty beer!

No crunchy ribs here, just good pizza!

Also discussed were other places to ride, including other parks/lakes with equestrian trails. Mullet race and the few that were there last night who will be competing. Good convo guys! Thanks to Brian for the beer that I drank, to Dave P the chipman, to Steve for the $ donation, the ribs, and the bomb pops (I'm going to start calling him Santa), and of course to Paul for letting us invade his driveway.

OH yeah, and happy birthday Paul! Let us know well in advance and next time we'll have a stripper ride by on a bike and swing by your driveway or something to that nature.

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