Sunday, August 12, 2012

One of those Adventures by Bike!

Woohoo! Finally a week of cooler temps. I'll take anything below 95 scorching degrees! The cooler temps have got me back on the bike. Actually biked three times this past week. MNR, tacoride Thursday, and yesterday for the race.

Just like the bike says, this was one of those Adventures by Bike! And so begins our journey.

Riding next to TD Ameritrade ballpark

I think that Cody and I found an alternative to the TacoRide. The authorities have really been cracking down on the Wabash on Thursday. Noise complaints resulted in a arrest at Margaritaville a few weeks ago. Silly, but what's done is done. And I know that the cops watch for bikes on cars going home from the tacoride. Not good. Cody and I had every intention of going on the tacoride. But just so happened that I saw on FB that Greenstreet was having a sale on all remaining bikes. Cody had expressed interest in a new steed...a deal was made...DONE!!! I'll let him tell about the details of the bike. Don't want to ruin his glory of being a new bike owner. And this thing is suhweet!!!

Cody's first time on the Pedestrian Bridge

The Boats of CB!

Change of plans, let's ride down to Manawa from Greenstreet! Cody has never been across the pedestrian bridge. Silly boy, it's now a landmark! We took the trail down and people were lining up at Stir for a concert. Oh yeah...BNL, Blues Traveler, Big Head Todd, and Cracker were playing that night. Cool. Cracker use to be one of my favorite bands growing up. We continued on towards Manawa. Missed our turn once, the sign off of the major road is really misleading!

Tried to see how far I could get. That is some deep sand! While Cody and I were sitting there, a couple of kids in a pickup decided to drive through. I was expecting him to get stuck, but he was flying through there and made it out. 

Got down to Manawa, drank a beer to refresh our thirst, proceeded to ride Manawa. Wow that place is sandy! The trail layout is great, lots of potential once it gets established. Good job to all those who have helped to rebuild it, wack weeds, and to cut the downed trees (as I saw on FB today). We had time to do one lap and drink another beer before heading back to Omaha.

Newly fallen trees were everywhere. Thanks to THOR for taking care of them today!

Water views!

We had some headwind going down, thought it would help us on the way back. NOPE. I had worn my Sanuks (almost like a closed flip flop shoe) so not being clipped in made for a difficult distance ride. Fun part of the trip was going through the mis-aimed sprinklers at the soccer fields. I mean these things were pointed right at you! We were flying through the sprinklers, yelling and hollering like we were gradeschool kids finding sprinkler relief on a hot summer day. Did I care that we ended up soaked. Not at all. We got to Stir and the concert was still going. Heck, why not sit across the street like everyone else with bikes and listen to some free music. Blues Traveler was playing and Barenaked Ladies would soon hit the stage.

We listened to about six songs by BNL and decided to call it a night. Only thing missing was the cheap tacos. We headed back across the lit bridge and found our way back to Greenstreet. What a great ride it was! With Stir having their concerts on Thursday nights, why wouldn't I want to do this again? Overall mileage was 26.5 miles. Good times Cody...good times!

And right back to where we started

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