Sunday, October 4, 2015

Whoops! Too many pictures!

Ever go crazy with your camera and take too many pictures? I'm talking 2700 pictures in a day? Plus video on a GoPro? Haha. Yesterday went to the season's last O Collective Drift Race event down in Mid America Motorplex and went crazy. They had the racers drifting in two different sections of the track this time. Lots of good photos, but not necessarily the best locations for us media. They were strict this time on us being behind the guardrails. Which the others griped about when they got the talking to. But when a Miata flew out of the turn and hit the guardrail hard, we all understood afterwards. Both airbags when off, side all damages, windshield shattered (actualy from the impact of the airbags hitting it). Was a crazy good time. Pictures one day. Heck, I haven't even finished pictures from  my trip to Florida!

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