Friday, July 31, 2015

Biking to Alice in Chains

Or I should say we biked to Alice in Chains. Did the usual park in downtown Omaha and bike to Stir Concert Cove to see Alice in Chains. Or rather hear Alice in Chains. They sounded pretty good, except no opener and they only played for 1.5 hrs. Ouch, glad we didn't actually pay the $50 something to get in.

Was a gorgeous night for a ride and a concert. Coming back across the bridge they were doing a basketball shoot with CU. For some reason, I guess I watch too many youtube videos, I thought they were throwing basketballs off the bridge and trying to shoot them into a hoop in the water. You've seen those trick shots they do on Youtube. Well wrong, it was a basketball photography shoot. Haha. Still cool to see it happening though. Suits and sneakers. Blue Sneakers that is...

They were shooting what off the bridge?

So I just snapped a quick picture as we pushed our bikes by. Flash and all. It was funny, one of the players said, "Please please, a little warning so we can smile first!"

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