Monday, May 25, 2015


It's always good to see that people are thinking of new ideas, thinking outside the box. Take for example this lock for your bike. I saw the video on Facebook and decided to check it out. Kind of cool. It is solar powered so it will charge itself, 12 hours of sunlight will provide enough charge for 6 months, now that's cool! Also has USB charge capability.

Picture from Gizmodo

It connects to your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi from what I understand, making it able to be unlocked and monitored from your phone.  And by monitored, I mean it has a theft type security system on it. It will alert your phone if the accelerometer has been moved (not clear but have to be on the same wifi network?).  Immediately I thought of how my phone dies all the time, luckily you can still just enter a code on the lock as you normally would.

From a quick glance over on the website, I only see one size of lock and no way that will fit a fatbike. Looks as though it's weatherproof. And also the price isn't too friendly, but for those of us riding nice bikes, isn't your bike worth more than your ordinary $30 lock?


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