Monday, April 13, 2015

The 2015 Panama Enduro

Panama...Nebraska that is. It was windy but the temps were nice. Man this 15 mile roundtrip seems pretty easy...oh snap. We have to turn around and the crosswind proved to be more than just a crosswind. Yikes! Then the long climb. But we finished. That we did. Around the 13th mile I lost all my energy and watched as Brian and Dave N just pass me. Another mile more and I would have made it to the concrete section of the race. Oh well. Finished 6th out of who knows how many. Thats alright. Like I least we finished. Beer, smiles and food at the end. Hooray!

Thanks to Elise for coming and taking alot of the pictures!

It was a good start to the race day. Pass a Jeep that was with a BDS suspension truck, get the Jeep wave from them. Then pass by my old house off of 148th Street in Waverly. The memories. 

Let's do this. A little pre-race meeting

A loose cassette won't stop us!

On your marks...

Get set...

Wait for it...


When we first hit the gravel

Hey we know that guy!

I had to keep telling Brian to slow down and observe the speed limit. He just wouldn't listen!
Like going through the safari

Billygoats somewhere in the picture
And then the turn around

I'm not gonna get stuck in these...are you?

The endless miles of country roads!

Turn here!

These would have been more fun

As would have been this!

Paul clownin around

The finish line!

Winna Winna

Also a winna!

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  1. Fantastic coverage! Thanks for capturing these great memories Mike and Elise.