Monday, August 26, 2013

MNR - Attack of the...

For those of you that ride the trails, you know what its like. Everything and anything attacks you. Bugs, trees, bats, owls, birds, squirrels, snakes, skunks, and whatever else is running next to you in the tall grass. Pedal faster!

Nice parking job. I guess the Suburbans are big enough that yeah, that'll work.

It was a hot ride, but I didn't get out till 7pm. And it actually helped! Got out of work, watched some news and the heat index was still 101 around 6pm. Yikes! Hot! I had to do some stuff on the computer, next thing I know I'm rolling out to TQ and the guys are heading back through the neighborhood. Turn around and go drink? Paul yelled go ride! Great words of motivation there.

The ride was good, the trail is so hard packed that its fast. I had a squirrel nearly jump off the tree and attack me. Jump a tree root and a bug lands in your sunglasses, shake it off and try not to fall as you land. Even the Cicadas were unkind to me tonight, you can feel them hit you hard!

How do you hold up your bike for the picture? Why not use a water bottle? I came up with that tonight!

It was a night of burgers, dogs, and chips. Thanks to Dave P and Emilie for cooking and providing, thanks to Paul for the hospitality, and the rest for sharing of beers and good stories. Until next ride!

The mama or papa turkey was angry at the neighborhood kids who had just ran through. It was looking for them and making a ton of noise.

Mention food and suddenly everyone shows up for the after ride "party".

Wow, the fall seasonal brews are out already. Where did this summer go?

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